About Us

Shared Hospital Services Corporation (SHSC) is a co-operative Textile & Linen Services organization formed and owned by a group of Hospitals since 1979. Owners of SHSC include: Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Ascension Saint Thomas West, Ascension Saint Thomas Midtown and Williamson Medical Center. In addition to serving its owners, SHSC provides services to non-member customers.

The SHSC campus is located on a sprawling 6.8 acres comprising 641 & 651 Mainstream Drive in the MetroCenter Business Park of Nashville, Tennessee. Its premises encompasses its main building, an adjacent Linen Cart Preparation Center as well as two small buildings that support its overall scope of services. The total floor space of the enterprises represents approximately 103,000 square feet.

SHSC provides a full spectrum of services which include: textile processing, linen cart preparation, comprehensive linen management, internal linen distribution at the hospitals and surgical and Pack Room services including pack sterilization. All through its history, SHSC has assisted our owners and customers in enhancing the patient experience at their facilities.

In fact, SHSC is one of the nation's most comprehensively integrated textile maintenance & linen services organizations. It is the largest cooperative entity of its kind in Middle Tennessee. For textile processing, cart preparation, internal linen distribution, linen utilization & consumption management, and inventory & cost control, SHSC is your trusted, stable and innovative partner.