Green Initiatives &
Social Responsibility

Water Management

SHSC utilizes equipment and technology in its washing process that drastically reduces the amount of water usage without compromising washing quality. In its Continuous Batch Washers, only about a half gallon of water per pound is utilized. This saves about 4.9 million gallons of water per year, enough to service 41 families of four for an entire month.

Natural Gas Utilization

SHSC has continuously reduced its natural gas consumption with its innovative and effective dryer monitoring and maintenance program, thereby allowing this resource to be used by other members of our community.

Pollution Control

SHSC is able to (in addition to the equipment manufacturer's devices) trap errant lint that would otherwise escape into the atmosphere. Did you know that in some instances (though not yet at SHSC) the collected lint is used by funeral homes as padding for caskets? SHSC trucking and delivery schedules and routes are established to minimize high traffic emission periods. This reduces SHSC's environmental impact/carbon footprint.

Reusable Items

SHSC contributes towards the reduction of waste products stemming from the use of disposable materials by embracing and using reusable and recyclable surgical items (towels, gowns, wrappers, etc.). SHSC continues to impact our earth positively with over 238,000 reusable packs assembled yearly. SHSC area landfills receive lesser loads in part due to SHSC's work.

Heat Management

SHSC possesses a system that recovers heat from waste water and applies the recovered heat in other heat-seeking alternatives within the operation.


SHSC subscribes to the Environmental Protection Agency's Design for the Environment (EPA/DFE) program by using certified Nonylphenol Ethoxylate (NFE) free detergents in our washing process.

Social Responsibility

SHSC recognizes the inter-relatedness between organizations and communities. This orientation compels the Board of Directors, owners, and employees to give back to the community whenever they can. For many decades, SHSC continues to donate blankets and other linen items to homeless shelters in the area. In addition, SHSC collaborates with its hospital owners in supplying needed apparel towards medical missions around the world. Acts and initiatives such as these entrenches SHSC as an organization with strong social responsibility to its community.